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Reducing Costs - Insurance and Tax

Here are some ways to reduce the cost of Physiotherapy Treatments. Réiltín can provide receipts by email, ensuring easy access when claiming refunds.


As a member of The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy treatments provided by Réiltín are eligible for a refund from major private health insurance providers including, Aviva, Laya Healthcare, VHI Healthcare, Irish Life and others. St Pauls Garda Medical Aid Society and  ESB Staff Medical Provident Fund also offer refunds.

Coverage may vary depending on your plan and insurance company, so it is best to check your policy for terms and conditions.


Tax Refund

Tax relief is also available on treatment  if you are prescribed, referred or advised to, by a practitioner. This is claimed through your Tax Return  Form. More information can be found on

Irish Life Healthcare offer a "Back-Up" plan that provides up to 8 Physiotherapy Sessions for €50 for qualifying candidates with back or neck conditions that could benefit from early intervention. See for more information.

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